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Behind the concept of Just Automotive Testing, is Jason Sultana.

Jason is well known and trusted in the truck and plant industry sectors, with a network of contacts Australia wide. He has firsthand experience in the industry from the workshop floor as a diesel mechanic and workshop leading hand, through to roles in sales and sales management in the truck sector.

In 2009, Jason Sultana identified a gap in the market and founded Just Automotive Recruitment. He knew to be successful in recruiting for the truck and plant industry you need to know what you are talking about. From his dealings with all types of businesses and all levels of staff within those businesses, Jason Sultana has a great understanding of the marketplace.

From the years Jason has spent in the recruitment industry, he could see that there needed to be a better, quantifiable way to identify candidates’ strengths.

To have a range of simple to access, and easy to deliver tests, to give a standardised result was the concept – and Just Automotive Testing is the delivery platform.

  • Mechanical
    • Designed to gauge the level of technical skills for mechanics, light vehicle, heavy vehicle and plant mechanics
  • Auto Electrical
    • When recruiting for auto electricians these tests can help identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Hydraulic testing
    • Hydraulics are a specialised area within the industry and it pays to know how well your candidates or employees know their field
  • Customised
    • We can customise a specific test for your organisation if we are able to provide the technical expertise required.

We have a range of tests available for different classifications of roles within your organisation and we are adding new tests regularly. If there is one you are interested in and is not yet in the list – please email us and we can let you know when we expect to have it available.